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ALL OF THESE ARE ORIGINAL ARCYLIC PAINTINGS ON CANVAS. MOST ARE SOLD, BUT THEY CAN BE DUPLICATED TO AN EXTENT. I pride myself on realism and capturing the spirit and soul of the animal I am painting. Look up Carl Brenders or John Seerey-Lester for some of my inspirations. THOSE AVAILABLE - PRICES FURNISHED UPON REQUEST. ENJOY!

11" x 14"

13" X 18" Original Arcrylic - SOLD

"Bengal" and "Speed"


20" X 24" (framed)Original Arcylic - SOLD


16" X 20" (frame adds 3" all sides)Original Arcrylic - Available


16" X 20" (frame adds 2.5" all sides)- Available

Bugle Boy (Bull Elk)

11" X 14" Original Acrylic Painting - Available

"Ice Man"

Saw Whet Owl (PA state bird)

Bald Eagle - Finally recovered and off the endangered list!

"Bamboo Bear" - Sold

"Rainforest" - Sold


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