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Calendar Grey Collectibles
$45 Individual

$35 Collector's Club

You will receive a new Calendar Grey each month. You will be charged when your Calendar Grey ships. A credit card on file or Paypal account for billing would be needed



the January 2008 Calendar Grey

Charlie is the first of 12 monthly Calendar Grey's to come and is named after my beloved father, who passed away on January 28, 2008.

Charlie is a 5 1/2" Resin Statue. Each month a different theme will be painted on the statue and be given a name. They will ALL be this same statue/position so the collection will look fabulous and uniform. Have any suggestions, rust email me and I may have contests benefitting certain groups as well. $3 per sale will go to Morris Animal Foundation.

These statues are gorgeous anatomical specimens showing high detail of this magnificent breed.

These will made to order and are hand painted. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Charlie is 5 1/2" tall



the February 2008 Calendar Grey



the March 2008 Calendar Grey



the April 2008 Calendar Grey

Wood BASE - $3