Some Greyt Links

Hounds of Dragonflyte: Wonderful Art Work on various items.
Duds4Buds: Greyt apparel for you and your hounds
Greyhound Pals : Wonderful, personalized stuffies for your home!
Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan: New formed group for finding homes for the hounds!
Claudia's Greyhound Gang: Greyt site for finding homes and helping the Hounds
Greyhound Resources & Answers: A greyt site about greyhounds including information on adoption, about the breed, goodies and so much more
Whimsical Wishes: A site by artist Beth Allen. Beth has a wonderful talent using color and design with finesse. She does our magnificent greys as well as other animals and designs. Individual designs can be purchased on a number of items including tees, mugs etc.

Brickle's Bakery Biscuits: Click here to order some yummy biscuits!!

Take Your Dogs on Holiday: Coming in 2005, please take a look!

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