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Please be VERY thorough in desribing what you would like. Because these boxes are "custom" I cannot resell them, and therefore can not offer your money back.

Standard 7" X 7" Square or 5" X 9.5" Rectangle - $60

Large (various sizes)- $85.00 (Samples at bottom of page)

Painted from your photographs just email them or I will contact you when I receive your order

SOPHIA - Owned, Loved and Missed dearly by The Packham's

JJ - sadly missed by Amy and Marty Anstett

Connor is missed greytly by Sharon Smith

Jordan Graustark's Geisha, Mini, Arielle, Charming Robyn & Ruby

Connie Cassidy's "Raisa", to the right is Dale Lamitz's "Dodger"

Michael Nemetch's "Appollo" and to the right "Ellie"

Trina owned by Janice Lipp and Pinky and Rocket Ron owned by Paul and Linda Butts

Lynx and Electra owned by Terri Akers Wolf

ZEKE owned by Rose Bulesand PATSY owned by Nancy & Doug Hanson

BOOMER and COLE owned by Sherri Baker

Ev Van Hall's "QUEEN" DARCY

"CODEE" Lost too soon, loved, a lifetime

Kris Metz's EXCEL

AILISH owned by Sarah Dougherty